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Enjoying the Christmas Season While Avoiding Stress

This has to be the most conflicting time of year for me, excitement for christmas is always over shadowed by the stress of finals and work.  So much work in so little time can really cause some serious stress, and let me tell you, stress does not look good on me.  While my work is very important, my sanity is also very important to me.  Tonight, I took a break from my studies, to enjoy a good old fashioned christmas movie night, featuring cookies, hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows.  After spending a good few hours baking, laughing, and drinking hot cocoa I felt recharged and ready to take on what this week has to throw at me.  While its easy to get pulled down into stress city, make sure you take time to enjoy this season.  There is so much beauty and magic during this time of the year, it would be a real shame to miss it. Stop stressing and enjoy the season. Photo by: The one and only Peter Cirilli Advertisements

Christmas Crafts: Dollar Store Stockings

Finally! It’s christmas season.  It is now socially acceptable to sing christmas carols and wear ugly red sweaters.  Its the most wonderful time of year. In an effort to avoid studying for finals, I decided to make christmas crafts.  My first stop? The dollar store.  That place is a gold mine!  I picked up so many supplies for so many crafts.  The first one….Stocking! I made these stockings for $2 each! And, it only took about 15 minutes! Supplies: Stocking of your choice ($1 each at the dollar store, go figure) Glitter Glue ($1 each at the dollar store) Surprise your roommate like I did, and start the christmas season off right! Cheetahlicious, am I right?

Tips to Get Through Finals Week- Featuring Disney Characters

Don’t go crazy just yet, you got this. Wake up to music – get your day started off right. Eat brain food– don’t forget to eat, feed that brain! Sleep!– It’s essential Take breaks for fun– because its fun. Cry– gotta relieve that stress, no shame. Eat chocolate – it helps with all the emotions. Make a list– be held accountable, also its fun to check things off. Create a separate work place – less distractions means more finished work. Kill it– It may be a crazy roller-coaster but your going to get through it, and live to tell the tale.    

A Letter to My Sister on Her 20th Birthday

Dear Sissy, Congratulations, you made it to your twenties alive, and with only a few bumps and bruises.  I am so proud of you, of everything you have accomplished, because I know it wasn’t easy.  I have watched you grow over the years and feel so lucky to have been a part of it.  As you join the twenties club I have a few words of wisdom for you.  So listen closely- I am your older, wiser, sister, after all.  Don’t stress out:  When you enter your twenties you gain a whole lot of responsibilities.  Whether it’s apartment bills, eating healthy, or finding a job, they are unavoidable, and they will be stressful.  But try not to stress, because you are capable of more than you know and you will do great things, always remember that. Be Independent: This is the time in your life that you will truly find yourself.  The only way to do this is by embracing your independence.  Go grocery shopping alone once in a while, grab a coffee on your own, …

A Poor Girl goes to the Movies: 3 Ways I Save Big Bucks

On average a person will spend $18.71 at the concessions stand at a movie theater, when purchasing a popcorn, candy and soda. I am an avid movie-goer, I always have been, but when my constant theater trips began to burn a hole in my wallet I had to make some changes. I will never stop going to the movies, it keeps me sane.   What I do is make adjustments. I completely skip the food counter; it’s too expensive to bother with. Instead, I pack my own food.  All you need is a big bag and a need for snacking. Seriously, I’m a pro; I’ve been doing this for years. Here are my packing essentials for a movie date. Popcorn: I pop my own popcorn.  Not only is it incredibly over-priced it is also incredibly unhealthy. No human should ingest that much butter in one sitting- its just unnatural. Save yourself the greasy fingers and bellyache and pop your own at home! Box of 10 popcorn bags =$7.70……..$0.77 per bag Candy: I pack my own version of …

The Lazy Girl Dessert: Vanilla Mug Cake with Sprinkles

Alright, for those who know me, you know that I cannot bake to save my life. I have been known to mix up salt and sugar, but we don’t talk about the pecan pie fiasco of 2010.   Let’s be real, not all of us are expert bakers okay? I blame the recipes, not my baking skills. After burnt cakes, salty pies and lumpy cookies, I’ve found the perfect recipe. It’s fool proof and I’m sure, as my mother would say, “Allie” proof.   I have been obsessed with mug cakes ever since I figured out that I could make an edible one. They are so easy and perfect for the person who loves homemade warm cake but can’t make their own.   This short and simple recipe is my new obsession. Really, ask my roommate, I’m making them all the time. This vanilla mug cake with sprinkles is my all time favorite. Simple and delicious. Supplies! 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 egg 2 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract ¼ cup Granulated Sugar 6 tablespoons Flour A …

Beannacht Mo Chairde: Goodbye my Friends

Wow, what a ride. Four months ago I arrived in this crazy, beautiful and unknown place. Now I call it home. My heart is heavy to say goodbye.  Goodbye to friends, goodbye to memories, and goodbye to Dublin. I have grown and I have learned. I learned what it is like to be alone, to be scared and to pick your self up when your down.  Dublin has given me a sense of strength and courage that I didn’t always know was there. People ask me what I loved most about this experience.  They ask if it was the travel? or the Guinness? No the whiskey?! But I answer with none of the above.  What I loved most, was finding myself.  Me, a long lost friends that I lost long ago. Lost in the haze of routine and comfort. With space from all that I knew, I found who I was and was able to meet that person again.  I learned I am more confident than I think, smarter than I know, and more independent than …

18 Carry-On Essentials

So as my departure date gets closer (Two days may I add), for Ireland, I have decided I better start packing. It is probably one of the most stressful parts about traveling. Why can’t I just bring my whole closet?  That would makes things so much simpler.  But because I cant bring my whole closet, as much as I tried, I needed to be strategic.  I began throwing some essentials in my big green back pack ready for Dublin, and wanted to share my packing experience with all of you.  These are some of my carry on essentials for international travel. 1. Gum– You know that plane altitude will get you right when you start getting comfortable. 2. Clorox Wet Wipes– You’d be surprised how gross and germ infested public areas such as an airport can be.  Well maybe not that surprised. 3. Chapstick– Have you ever had chapped lips? Lets just be safe rather than sorry, shall we? 4. Deodorant– It can get pretty hot and stuffy in that airplane, especially when you’re flying for …