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Unconditional Love: What it means to me

Valentines day puts your brain on love.  Recently I’ve been thinking about what love is and what it means to me.  When I think of love, and I’m talking real love, unconditional love, I think of my parents. They have a kind of love that is so powerful its hard to explain (and they might not even see it), a love that is hard to find in this day in age when the divorce rate is over 50%. Heres the thing, more people need to know about this kind of love, about their kind of love.

When I was little my parents love was always “gross” to me, my dad would always look at my mom and then ask me and my siblings “Wow, isn’t she beautiful?”and continue by saying “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”. My siblings and I would always roll our eyes and make gaging noises, we didn’t know how special this was.


When I look back on my childhood, and all the time I spent living at home, I realize that they always had this joy to be around each other even today.  They were never tired of each other or bored.  It was almost funny how they acted, so in love every day and every minute.  Now, being 22, and in a long term relationship, I can see how their constant unconditional love for each other, that they showed everyday, formed me.  It taught me not only how to love someone else unconditionally but it taught me that love was a partnership.  My parents truly are each others best friends and partners and they love every second of it.

On Valentines day it is important to think about love, and to think about how powerful it really is.  Today is not about the chocolates, diamonds, or flowers it’s about the power of love.  Finding someone that you can take on the world with, and that can be your partner.  People make love look so complicated, but its not, its simple and its easy.

I am so lucky to have parents that show their unconditional love to one another and to me and my siblings.  Even though I roll my eyes every time my dad gushes about my Mom and how beautiful she is, I know just how incredibly lucky I am to have parents like that.  They have instilled in me a type of love that I think is rare, so I consider myself lucky. I love my parents so much, thanks for teaching me what true love is.


An ode to Rick and Deb….the dream team!


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  1. Kristi says

    Simply beautiful, you are amazing. I have always looked up to them. It’s the truth, they have a “Groovy Kind of Love”


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