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Enjoying the Christmas Season While Avoiding Stress

This has to be the most conflicting time of year for me, excitement for christmas is always over shadowed by the stress of finals and work.  So much work in so little time can really cause some serious stress, and let me tell you, stress does not look good on me.  While my work is very important, my sanity is also very important to me.  Tonight, I took a break from my studies, to enjoy a good old fashioned christmas movie night, featuring cookies, hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows.  After spending a good few hours baking, laughing, and drinking hot cocoa I felt recharged and ready to take on what this week has to throw at me.  While its easy to get pulled down into stress city, make sure you take time to enjoy this season.  There is so much beauty and magic during this time of the year, it would be a real shame to miss it.

Stop stressing and enjoy the season.


Photo by: The one and only Peter Cirilli


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