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A Poor Girl goes to the Movies: 3 Ways I Save Big Bucks

On average a person will spend $18.71 at the concessions stand at a movie theater, when purchasing a popcorn, candy and soda.

I am an avid movie-goer, I always have been, but when my constant theater trips began to burn a hole in my wallet I had to make some changes. I will never stop going to the movies, it keeps me sane.   What I do is make adjustments. I completely skip the food counter; it’s too expensive to bother with. Instead, I pack my own food.  All you need is a big bag and a need for snacking. Seriously, I’m a pro; I’ve been doing this for years. Here are my packing essentials for a movie date.

Movies-1 (1)

Popcorn: I pop my own popcorn.  Not only is it incredibly over-priced it is also incredibly unhealthy. No human should ingest that much butter in one sitting- its just unnatural. Save yourself the greasy fingers and bellyache and pop your own at home!

Box of 10 popcorn bags =$7.70……..$0.77 per bag

Candy: I pack my own version of candy; raspberries and chocolate chips. Okay sure they’re not the same as Twizzlers or M&M’s but they’re damn good. I think they’re even better than candy. Do yourself a favor and try this delicious combination that you wont feel guilty about.

Fresh Raspberries: 1 container =$2.50

Bag of Chocolate Chips=1.99……$0.25 a handful

Soda: Lastly, and this is the most important, toss the soda. Mindlessly gulping a 40oz drink during a movie may sound yummy but I’d rather not drink 40oz of liquid sugar. Instead I pack my favorite seltzer. It gives you that awesome carbonation and deliciousness without all the horrible sugar and chemicals.

Pack of 12 Seltzer cans=$2.66……….$0.22 per can

Total spent: $3.74

Next time you head to the movies pack your own snacks; you’ll save $15.22 on average every time!


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