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Beannacht Mo Chairde: Goodbye my Friends

Wow, what a ride.

Four months ago I arrived in this crazy, beautiful and unknown place. Now I call it home. My heart is heavy to say goodbye.  Goodbye to friends, goodbye to memories, and goodbye to Dublin. I have grown and I have learned. I learned what it is like to be alone, to be scared and to pick your self up when your down.  Dublin has given me a sense of strength and courage that I didn’t always know was there.

People ask me what I loved most about this experience.  They ask if it was the travel? or the Guinness? No the whiskey?! But I answer with none of the above.  What I loved most, was finding myself.  Me, a long lost friends that I lost long ago. Lost in the haze of routine and comfort. With space from all that I knew, I found who I was and was able to meet that person again.  I learned I am more confident than I think, smarter than I know, and more independent than I could have ever imagined.  I grew in more ways than I probably know now.  I’ve gained friendships that will last a life time and have seen sights that many only dream of.

I am so lucky and so incredibly blessed in this life to have had this opportunity.  I must thank my rocks, my Mom and Dad for knowing that I was strong enough to do this and encouraged me to soar. With a sad heart I say goodbye to a city that will always be a little bit home and a little bit away. Dublin you have stole my heart, but I will always come back.


Thank You!

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