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A little bit of good old fashioned Dublin fun

So I was lucky enough to have a little piece of home visit me recently.  My sister Megan and her friend Hannah made the long trip to visit me for a week.  Knowing of their arrival I planned a whole week of touristy activities just for them!  What I realized is that when you live somewhere, sometimes you forget to do all those silly tourist infested activities. These included places that I have walked by everyday for the past three months but never stepped inside. Heres a little peak into our week and some of our best adventures.

Like all good vacations we started it off with a pint of beer.  And to celebrate their arrival to Dublin we had a pint of Guinness. But since I vowed to do all the tourist things, we went straight for the Guinness factory.  We did the full tour, filled with good times, free samples, and pouring our own pint and becoming masters.


Our next stop was the Wax Museum.  Okay okay I know, why the heck visit wax museum while you’re in Ireland?! This isn’t any old wax museum with wax Michael Jacksons and Tina Turners.  This is an Irish wax museum, filled with Irish history and folklore.  This is a perfect place for any tourist, you get lots of Irish history and a lot of fun. We had a blast and spent most of our time there laughing.  That’s Megan below with her head chopped off.


So next, I sent the girls on a sight seeing tour.  Contrary to popular belief I do take classes here and needed to attend just a few. Before they embarked on the sightseeing tour I circled a few spots on their map as must-sees.  My top suggestion was Glasnevin Cemetery, a cemetery holding more bodies than people living in dublin, and that was the first stop they made.  It was also the last.  They found a nice little pub in the middle of all the graves, ironically called “The Grave Diggers Pub”.  That kept them entertained until I was done with classes.

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The next day we visited Christchurch Cathedral, a sight right next to my apartment that I walk past every day.  To say the least it was incredible.  It was humbling and breathtaking all at the same time.  After the church we made our way to Trinity College to check out the Book of Kells and a popular tourist attraction the Trinity library. The library was straight out of Hogwarts, we stood in the center for an hour just turning around and around in circles seeing each new intricate aspect.  It was amazing.



After the Church and the Library, we were pretty exhausted, so of course we went and did just a little more drinking.  We made our way to the Jameson Distillery.  Another sight that I had not yet seen myself, after living here for three months.  This place is incredible.  There is a tour, a bar, free drinks and samples, a tasting session and a whole gift shop with everything Jameson.  The wait was long but that just meant more time at the bar.  We had such a great time here, an absolute yes on my list for tourists.



Okay lastly the food and drinking.  The girls wanted all traditional Irish cuisine…the whole time. But hey it was pretty delicious. I also took them to local pubs so they could test out the legal drinking age of 18.  Check it out! They ordered those themselves!

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I am so blessed that these two came and visited me all the way over here in Ireland.  It was an incredible time hanging out with family and friends.  Sometimes doing the silly touristy things make the best memories. Next time youre in a new place, don’t underestimate that tourist attraction, it is probably worth checking out.

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