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8 Must Do’s in Northern Ireland


A month into my great Irish adventure I made my way up to Northern Ireland. I spent 48 hours touring the country, and the best sights.  It was the most tiring 2 days but a night in an old Irish hostel, a castle, and sights that took my breath away made it so worth it. These are 8 must do’s if you ever find your self in Northern Ireland.

1. Belfast, Black Taxi Tour

A tour through Belfast in a black taxi, lead by ex-political prisoners.  The Tour lead us through the most historical sights and neighborhoods of Belfast.  We heard stories of the political unrest and saw the sights that made history.

2.Victoria Square Shopping Center

An open air shopping mall, that led out to an outdoor center filled with stores and live music.

3.Titanic Museum Belfast

The Titanic was built in Belfast, this is one of the best museums I have visited.  Instead of focusing on the great tragedy that was the Titanic, it focused on the work and life that went into the building the Ship.  It was fascinating.

4. The Dark Hedges: Game of Thrones


For all you Game of Thrones fans…The Dark Hedges is filmed immensely in the show.  I mean at this point I should probably start watching The Game of Thrones, right?

5. Ballintoy Harbor

A beauty not to be missed.  Words can simply not describe the incredible beauty this untouched seaside holds. Rocky beaches, salty air, and green fields as far as the eye can see.

6. Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge


A mere 98 feet above rocky waters hangs this wooden rickety bridge.  I conquered my fears and walked across the bridge, I highly suggest you look down, I did and it was amazing. But don’t forget to hold on!

7.Giant’s Causeway

A shore filled thousands of hexagonal bricks forming stairs and platforms.  The urban legends of an Irish hero originate here, a fun and odd sight not to miss.  Also, the walk along the shore to the Causeway is beautiful.

8. Dunluce Castle


A stone Castle sitting on a cliff, looking out onto a never ending horizon.  Filled with secret passages ways and caves where mermaids like to hangout.

Northern Ireland has turned a new page in the last decade has has really reformed.  If you get the chance make your way to Northern Ireland, experience cities with an important political history and green seasides that will take your breath away.

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