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How about Howth?

The first big adventure of many to come.

Saturday, we woke up early and caught a train on its way to Howth for the weekly “Howth Market”.  We heard it was a sight not to be missed while in Ireland.  A small town right on the water.  The train was 6 euro roundtrip to Howth, the ride was about a half-hour, but the train runs along side the water, to say the least it was beautiful.  It was made even better with good friends, (That’s Rachel)!


When we stepped off the train we practically stepped right into the “Howth Market”.  Now I was expecting something of the sorts of a farmers market, or swap meat of flea market.  A large area filled with vendors of all sorts.  The Howth Market was not quiet like what I had expected.  It was more of an alley way more than a large area.  It had a handful of vendors from an all you could eat chinese food in a box, to hats knitted with love by a man who used to live in San Francisco (We had a long chat), to a the most unlikely man selling mini cupcakes.  So yes, this was a sight not to miss.


We ventured further through Howth and found a long jetti of sorts that lead out to a light house.  As we walked down this jetti, mountains, cliffs, and turquoise water flowing around me, I began to cry.  The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, I had tears running down my face.  Not due to sadness but pure awe.  Have you ever experienced this feeling of pure awe? Thats what this was, I was in awe of this beauty I had never witnessed before.  This was much greater than me. I thought about my heritage, of mostly Irish decent, I thought about those that came before me, my relatives.  I had made my way there years and years later, I felt a connection to people I didn’t even know, but I knew they were there. It was a pretty incredible feeling, that feeling is what I am searching for on my journeys.  I left with a smile from ear to ear feel accomplished and fulfilled.


Howth was just the beginning to what I foresee as a pretty tremendous adventure.  One for the ages.

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  1. Paula Mason says

    You look wonderful! I love hearing about your trip. You are so blessed with this opportunity.  Enjoy every day to the fullest.  Fondly, Mrs. Mason

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  2. Carol Johnsen says

    That sounds amazing, I will add this to my bucket list of places to explore. Be safe sweet Allie. Hugs from Aunt Carol


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