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The Good, Bad and The Ugly of International Travel and Dublin

So yes all those rumors are true, I have touched down in the great country of Ireland.  Here for 4 months.  I departed Logan Airport in Boston at 6:30pm on Tuesday and arrived at the Dublin Airport at 5:05am.  Yeup it was as bad as you could probably imagine. When you book a red-eye you tell yourself, of course I’m gonna sleep I’m going to be so tired and I’m smart.  Well you’re pretty dumb because you WILL NOT sleep.  Especially when it’s a sold out flight and the man next to you forgot to put on deodorant that morning, I mean seriously.  Okay so as you can tell I’m pretty bitter about my lack of sleep and the smelly man.  The good thing was that the flight had individual TV’s with Movies and Sitcoms. So while I was wide awake I could watch Big Bang Theory. I arrived at the Dublin airport, terrified of going through customs.  Let me tell you, it happened so fast I didn’t even know it happened.  And in a second, I was in Ireland with my passport stamped! Two hours later, about to collapse, the taxi drops my roommate Cara and I off at our apartment.  This was me when I got to my room. 10893421_10205532822545816_15663757_n Yeah not happy.  I jumped right into bed until the afternoon. When I finally woke up with much hesitation I realized I had no food.  So I headed to the store with Cara.  I have never in my life felt more like a fish out of water than I did when I arrived at the store.  What the heck was all this stuff.  This was not American food. Well duh.  Each aisle took about an hour to decipher, even though there were only three.  I finished my shopping trip with bread, butter, bananas, jam…and wine, because why not? With wine and groceries in hand I headed back, and I snapped this picture on my phone, because I know you want to see what Dublin looks like.  This looked pretty Dublin-y.  So I captured it just for you. 10928736_10205532822585817_450087928_n Today was orientation.  I’ll skip the boring details of explaining safety rules and attendance policies.  After a long day of sitting in a classroom, then visiting small coffee shops, and of course drinking way more coffee than my body could handle (Hands Shaking), the faculty took us to dinner!  This is what I ate..sorry the picture is so bad, I was trying to be discreet. 10899584_10205532822425813_1663520437_n (Cod wrapped in ham on potatoes, with asparagus) Yum! 10893769_10205532822345811_240348464_n (This was my second coffee, but look at how delicious it looks!) All in all I love it here, a little home sick, but so grateful. I promise that better pictures will come, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m doing just fine. And Dublin is pretty cool.

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  1. Oh my goodness that is so cool i want to do like the opposite of you! go from the uk to study in the us but i don’t really know how to go about it! Any tips?


  2. Grama says

    So happy you’ve arrived. Enjoyed the photos of your day. Looking forward to many more adventures. Much love 😘💕


  3. Kristi says

    Glad you arrived safe, hope you were able to get some good rest. Thanks for the update!


  4. Paula Mason says

    So happy you arrived safely. You ate in for the time if your life! Enjoy it and soak in all that you can, what a wonderful opportunity you have been blessed with. Look forward to your future posts! Take care and stay safe.


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