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18 Carry-On Essentials

unnamedSo as my departure date gets closer (Two days may I add), for Ireland, I have decided I better start packing. It is probably one of the most stressful parts about traveling. Why can’t I just bring my whole closet?  That would makes things so much simpler.  But because I cant bring my whole closet, as much as I tried, I needed to be strategic.  I began throwing some essentials in my big green back pack ready for Dublin, and wanted to share my packing experience with all of you.  These are some of my carry on essentials for international travel.

1. Gum– You know that plane altitude will get you right when you start getting comfortable.

2. Clorox Wet Wipes– You’d be surprised how gross and germ infested public areas such as an airport can be.  Well maybe not that surprised.

3. Chapstick– Have you ever had chapped lips? Lets just be safe rather than sorry, shall we?

4. Deodorant– It can get pretty hot and stuffy in that airplane, especially when you’re flying for hours!

5.Travel Journal– I always like to have a travel journal to help me remember all my special adventures. Plane rides are perfect to reflect and record what has happened and where you’re headed.

6. Hair Ties- Bobby Pins– These disappear like nothing else.  Always keep them with you.

7. Ipad or Tablet– What’s flying without sitcoms and gossip magazines?

8. Noise Canceling Headphones–  Great for the loud noise of the plane when you’re trying to sleep, or jam to T-Swift.

9. Tissues– For those sad good byes and happy hellos, also loose boogies. Lets be real.

10.Extra Pair of Socks– Keep the feet warm.  Especially if you rip your pair, or if they get a little too sweaty.

11. Jewelry Case– Don’t let your necklaces get tangled or earrings get lost in your baggage.

12. Extra Outfit– You really don’t know what could happen. You spill, it rains, you sweat, they loose your luggage. It’s just a good idea all around!

13.Protein Bars– Extra food for extra energy is great. Skip the potato chips and get some solid energy for the long flight.

14.Advil: Melatonin– Advil for head aches and back pains.  Melatonin to get some much needed rest on the flight.

15.Plastic Water Bottle– This is easy to get through security and can easily be filled up at any time.

16.Cookies– A sweet snack is always good to pack, and avoid over priced sweets at the airport.

17.Cough Drops– Ease your dry throat or the coughing dude sitting next to you.  Always be prepared.

18. Plug Adapter– For international travel this is essential because it works in many different countries.  For when your phone decides to die at the worst possible time.

Hope a look into my packing experience help with your next international trip.


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